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cyber® motor: Servo Drive System for AGVs & AMRs

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iTAS® and TAS

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Motion Control

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Fully integrated, modular servo drive systems specifically designed for battery operated Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) & Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), with wheel and safety encoder.

Product Overview

The perfect fit product design of simco® drive and TAS dramatically simplifies integration even in small vehicles – despite its compact design, the entire system can be individually scaled to suit different performance profiles. What's more, intelligent system components enable thoroughly safe vehicle concepts in a system. For example, TAS can optionally be equipped with an additional encoder for speed control.

In the servo actuators of the iTAS® system, the motor and the helical, low backlash planetary gearbox combine to form coupling-free drive units, which boast impressively high torque, a compact design, high tilting moments and a wide speed range.

iTAS® can be designed to suit specific applications:

  1. "Compact" package, with integrated dynamic brake as standard version for all packages.
  2. "Advanced" package with an additional encoder for speed control or with wheel (VULKOLLAN® 93° Shore A) and mounting hardware for optimized load of the bearings of the actuator for higher loads
  3. "Performance" package combines all options

    Intelligent communication concepts are easily integrated in the AGV via the MotionGUI software

  • Extended motion block table with "decentralized intelligence" for individually modifying and flexibly programming the application
  • Vehicle manufacturers can create motion tasks easily while spending less time on programming
  • Even complex single-axis movements, e.g. processes involving gripping the vehicle, or the actuation of stroke modules, can be generated and executed in a decentralized manner
  • With several synchronized axes: movements can be started simultaneously via a synchronization signal from the control system
  • Standalone solutions can be accomplished by dispensing with the control system

    Integrated acceleration sensor for evaluating vehicle load during operation

  • Analysis of acceleration values in the x,y,z direction
  • Output of warnings and errors if defined maximum acceleration values are exceeded
  • Analysis of crashes and the floor conditions below the system
  • Evaluation via MotionGUI or web server during ongoing operation

    Simple evaluation of operating parameters and condition monitoring via web server during mobile operation

  • Analysis of drive parameters during ongoing operation, e.g. temperature, torque, speed
  • Determination of the load of the system
  • Initiation of measures to optimize the system
  • Simple condition monitoring
  • Definition of operating/utilization ranges
  • Analysis of errors and warnings during ongoing operation
  • Initiation of troubleshooting measures

Certifications:  CE


  • 1756 ControlLogix
  • 1756 ControlLogix Add On Profile
  • 1769 / 1768 CompactLogix System
  • 1769 CompactLogix Add On Profile
  • Motion


  • Automotive
  • Household & Personal Care
  • Life Sciences
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