Company Overview

Bihl+Wiedemann GmbH is a highly specialized, internationally operating engineering company based in Mannheim, Germany. It is one of the leading providers in terms of safety technology and electronic components for the automation technology using AS-Interface. By choosing products from Bihl+Wiedemann, you are in the company of many well-known users in factory, process and building automation as well as in the fields of machine building and transportation (ship, rail, road). The products are used for safety and non-safety applications in machines and systems of all sizes including conveyor lines, high-rise racking systems, packaging machines or machine tools. The portfolio contains among others: - AS-Interface Masters/Gateways - AS-Interface Modules/Slaves - Safety Components (e.g. Speed Monitors, Safety Monitors etc.) - Bus Couplers/Master Simulators - Software (Monitoring Software, Software for Gateways & Safety Components, Programming Software) - Accessories (e.g. Power Supplies, Passive Distributors etc.)


Bihl+Wiedemann, Inc.
4565 Wilson Ave. Sw
Suite 4b
Grandville, Michigan 49418
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Bihl+Wiedemann Automation (Taicang) Co., Ltd.
Unit 1619, Dong Ting Building, No.319, Middle Zhenghe Road
Taicang City, Jiangsu 215400
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Bihl+Wiedemann GmbH
Flosswoerthstrasse 41
Mannheim 68199
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