Welcome to the world of Moda. We are a team of experienced New Zealand professionals proud to have engineered a fresh new offering in the area of vacuum packaging solutions for food processors.

New Zealand’s remote location has long posed the challenge of global isolation from our export markets. As a result, our quality products demand the best possible vacuum packaging and shelf-life globally. With protein production representing over NZD20 billion of New Zealand’s annual export sales, our country’s reputation is on the line when it comes to delivering protein products to international markets in the best possible condition. There can be no compromise.

High performance vacuum packaging solutions are key to delivering on our quality promise. Over the years we have developed innovative packaging solutions to improve the shelf-life of our quality protein based exports. Moda has taken these innovations a step further by producing a line of highly effective modular packaging solutions that integrate the latest technology with hygienic design, and are protected by our patents.

Our high performance Moda packaging systems have been crafted to endure the challenges of demanding environments, increase productivity across the board, and provide energy, labour costs and packaging material savings for your business. Ergonomics, product-flow and hygiene are always at the forefront of our design brief. The end result is a rigorously tested and highly effective line up of modular systems that work together to provide outcomes never seen before.

We invite you to explore the possibilities that Moda represents – for your business and the future of the industry.


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