CLVERTECH: A fast developing technology with proven experience and a culture of research and innovation.

Founded in 1987, CLEVERTECH has proved a dynamic company that designs, manufactures and commercialize equipment and systems for the end of line automation of the largest producers of consumer goods

Since its beginning, CLEVERTECH has created and exported concrete solutions for industry producing a complete range of palletisers and depalletisers and many others automated system designed to meet the most specific requirements in terms of productivity and product features.

CLEVERTECH has gradually become a leading partner for several multinational companies and leading companies in various sectors of production, particularly in the chemical, food, pet food and can making sectors.

Thanks to its 350 employees who work in three modern factories of about 30.0000 square meters located in northern Italy, in the heart of packaging valley, CLEVERTECH has met the expectations of the global marketplace and it has quickly becoming an industry leader. To date, its level of exports reached 90% of the total turnover that is of approximately EUR 100 million, with a strong and spread presence all over the world.



Today CLEVERTECH has an active presence in all the traditional markets of Europe and North America and a particular attention is paid to all the emerging markets of Latin America, Asia and the Middle East.

Its extensive sales network is made up of production branches in North America “Clevertech North-America” and in China “ Clevertech Asia Pacific” , and a series of Subsidiaries in India, France, Uk, Poland together with Service Hub located in Thailand and Mexico, with all offices widespread around the world CLEVERTECH responds immediately to customer requests.



Clevertech is aware of the constant pressure on the environment and of the pollution produced by corporates during production phase. For this reason, for years, Clevertech has been carrying an internal policy in favour of Environmental Sustainability, awareness and educating its staff with recycling operations within the offices and manufacturing plant. Paper, plastic and metals are recycled every day to push a lifestyle more eco-friendly. To date Clevertech moved to action much more important that is the installation of Photovoltaic (PV) arrays composed by +800 solar cell and with a global capacity of 353.00 Kwh at full running. In this way Clevertech reduces CO2 emissions each year for a total of 174,000 kg and becoming 90% self-sufficient from an energy standpoint.


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