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Cloud has three Cloud product line and our Roberts product line. The typical Cloud customer is a multi national company that has high production needs and sees the value of having a high efficiency machine. The Roberts line is for any customer using Stand Up Gusseted Resealable pouches, both entry level and high speed. High Speed Horizontal Form Fill and Seal machines that produce 3-4 side pouches at high speeds. These machine can fill dry powders and flow able pieces. An example of the product filled on this machine is Kool-Aid or artificial Sweeteners. We are able to produce more than 5000 pouches per minute.High Speed Rotary Thermoforming machines. The majority of these machines are converting water soluble film into pouches for the detergent market. This line of equipment also has the capability to work with more traditional films. Cloud controls this market because of the high efficiency our machine provides.The third Cloud product line is our Coffee Pod line. Roberts is a brand of Cloud. Roberts is a Stand UP Resealable Gusseted Pouch machine. Our entry level machine the IMP takes a premade bag and opens, fills the bag and seals the bag. We also have the Roberts IMR that will form the bag. The Roberts IMH is loved by contract packagers because it gives them the ability to use a premade bag or form the bag from roll-stock. The last Roberts line is our High Speed CMR. This machine Forms fills and seals bags at high speeds. The competitive advantage


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