Comau originally got its name from the abbreviation of COnsorzio MAcchine Utensili and now with 40 years of experience in advanced manufacturing systems, it represents a proven world-wide leader in sustainable automation and service solutions with a forward focus. Building on our strong history in the automotive industry and our centers of excellence, we have developed our experience, skills and know-how and pushed towards the future through a range of industries and applications. Our solutions range from machining and assembly modules to body welding systems, assembly lines and integrated robotics. Comau is a 360 company, overseeing our products through the entire process: from their birth as an idea and design, guiding them to completion and providing full-service training and maintenance. Our strategic services include industrial asset management, project management and eComau a fully comprehensive approach to environmentally sustainable industrial processes. Today, Comau has a truly global presence, with 24 locations in 13 countries, which allows us to offer tailor-made solutions and localized support in a variety of fields.


Comau S.P.A.
Vie Dei Mareschi 15
Avigliana, Torino 10051
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