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Aagard is a leading engineering innovator in the automation of secondary packaging.

Our goal is helping our customers win. We accomplish this through partnership and an iterative process, that our customers like to call “option-eering”. Throughout this experience we are an extension of your team. We work together to understand the complete picture, creating the optimal solution that mitigates space, speed and flexibility challenges to drive greater results, through options like fast changeover, high speed motion control, specific small footprint design, etc.

For 20+ years we have specialized in engineering and building customized integrated combination packaging systems that fit our customers specific needs and spaces. Using our proven innovative technologies, our unique packaging machines can combine many solutions into a single turn-key system with one integrated control package.

Solutions may include: Flexible FFS Packaging Machines, Wraparound Cartoners, Endload Cartoners, Sleevers, Retort Loading/Unloading, Case Packers, Tray Packers, Palletizers/Unitizers and Retail Ready Options.

Whether the need is for a design solution with a small footprint or a larger more flexible system that can produce 100s of product combinations, we will deliver The Aagard Experience. We thrive on unique challenges, partnership, and innovative engineering, to create the exact solution for your needs, maximizing results and floor space.

YOUR Solutions = Greater RESULTS | The Aagard Experience

Year Established: 1997

Website: http://www.aagard.com


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