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AIM 5700 series

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Armstrong International

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Process Instruments - Transmitter

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Koby Intelligent Monitoring 5700 series, combined with WirelessHART, is a non-intrusive technology that efficiently monitors and evaluates steam trap operation such as OK, Cold, and Blow-Thru.

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Armstrong Intelligent Monitoring 5700 series is a wireless monitoring technology that efficiently monitors and evaluates steam trap operation. The AIM® 5700 series identifies the conditions of a steam trap to determine significant problems that could put your operation at risk. The AIM® 5700 series can accurately detect potential issues such as plugged and blow-thru steam traps, which can result in a range of issues from failed equipment to loss of product to safety concerns. Immediate failure notification from the AIM® 5700 series helps identify the root cause while you minimize production losses and reduce energy consumption. Using non-intrusive technology combined with WirelessHART, the AIM® 5700 series is the ideal solution for any temporary or permanent 24/7 steam trap monitoring.


  • Self-Contained


  • Food & Beverage
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power & Energy
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