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The Empowered Worker™ Suite of IIoT Solutions

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5G Automatika, Ltd.

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Empowered Worker™

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Software - Operations Intelligence

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The Empowered Worker™ Suite of IIoT Solutions delivers real-time intelligence to the next generation factory worker, in the Connected Enterprise, to perform complex tasks right the first time.

Product Overview

The Empowered Worker™ Suite of IIoT Solutions combines smart technology (Augmented Reality, Machine Vision), smart Devices (Google Glass™, Mobility), and edge analytics. This offering provides the factory worker with critical contextual intelligence to minimize errors, omissions, rework and operator stress while performing complex tasks on the plant floor i.e. get the task done right the first time:

Borg Q: A Digital Quality Solution which empowers a quality inspector while performing critical dimensional measurements in a factory. As the measurement is made by the quality inspector using a Vernier caliper or a dial gauge, the digital value of the measurement is transmitted wirelessly to the intelligent gateway of Borg Q, which in turn, categorizes the measurement as acceptable or not based on the quality control standards, and transmits the measurement to a remote server for recording/future traceability.
The solution can be adopted both for in-process inspection within a factory or integration of supplier quality with OEM quality standards. In the latter case, the solution eliminates the need for an additional quality inspection at the inbound of the OEM, for as the part is inspected at the supplier site, the OEM customer has remote visibility of the quality of the said batch.

Borg V: A proprietary IIoT tablet-based unified Production Performance Visualization app that monitors the real-time status of production, maintenance, and quality, using actionable intelligence to continuously improve factory operational performance. The AI-based Short Interval Control module in the app empowers plant stakeholders with the necessary timely intelligence on where and why the major losses are occurring during a shift, and what course corrections are required for the next shift.


  • Linux
  • Mobile Operating Systems (Various)
  • Self-Contained
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 2003
  • Windows 2008 R2
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8


  • Automotive
  • Food & Beverage
  • Household & Personal Care


  • Ethernet - EtherNet/IP
  • Modbus / Modbus TCP
  • OPC Server
  • RS-232/422/485
  • USB
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