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Wi-Fi Messenger

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Software - Remote Alarm Notification

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Wi-Fi Messenger is a self-contained messaging system that allows devices to deliver messages without a public carrier

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On Premise Wi-Fi SMS

SeQent's Wi-Fi Messenger (WFM) is a self-contained messaging system consisting of a software server providing a standard IETF SNPP input for message transactions, and handset applications for message delivery and management (Android 4.x+ - iOS 6+). With the completely autonomous operation, handsets connected to the facility's self-contained Wi-Fi have messages delivered without a public carrier network. One Wi-Fi Messenger Server can accept inputs from any number of SNPP clients simultaneously. When paired with a FirstPAGE Server the Wi-Fi Messenger (WFM) solution can automatically forward messages sent to devices not currently registered with the local Wi-Fi to a public carrier's SMS network or any destination FirstPAGE Server supports. This automatic routing occurs when the device leaves the Wi-Fi network and is automatically disabled when the device returns to Wi-Fi connectivity. For devices with VPN access to the facility network, WFM delivery can occur over carrier data networks as well.


  • FactoryTalk
  • Mobile Operating Systems (Various)
  • RSView ME


  • Automotive
  • Food & Beverage
  • Semiconductor & Electronics


  • Ethernet - Infrastructure
  • Other Networks
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