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VS allows for the control & customization of any LED, LCD, & ANDON- Industrial Digital Signage display surfaces with text, graphics, & sounds while creating a common interface across all display types

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Video Display and Audio Control

SeQent’s VideoSERVER (VS) product line provides a visual display and audio control solution that allows for the control and customization of any fixed or mobile industrial digital display. Display real-time information with the ability to create a common interface across all display types with integrated audio control.

VideoSERVER technology is available in both a hardware appliance form or as a software license and allows you to connect standard LCD monitors, video projectors and Digital Signage to any TCP/IP network.

Key Features:

  • Display data in real-time on any LED, LCD, ANDON- Industrial Digital Display, smartphones, and tablets
  • Create a common interface across all display types with integrated audio control
  • Customize data and notifications to suit your operations
  • Gain control of your display surfaces with the ability to draw templates with ease and have templates scaled automatically to display types 


  • FactoryTalk
  • RSView ME


  • Automotive
  • Chemicals & Plastics
  • Semiconductor & Electronics
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