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Marquee Manager

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Electronic Operator Interface

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Marquee Manager pushes status messages to the plant floor, using visual or audible devices such as LED/LCD displays.

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ANDON- Industrial Digital Signage

SeQent's Marquee Manager product family pushes status messages to the entire plant floor, using visual or audible devices such as LED display/Andon boards, stack lights, and sounders. An integral part of any lean initiative, Andon boards provide a visible cue to the activity on the plant floor but need to be driven by a robust, easy to use software solution. Marquee Manager is the only multi-vendor marquee solution, supporting the majority of boards, including legacy displays. Our NETCON Unit Protocol is quickly becoming the industry standard protocol to communicate to a variety of manufacturers' marquee boards. The easy-to-use message management system includes prioritization and queuing, and has an optional suite of flexible administration tools. The Andon marquee boards inform every team member of the status of the assembly process. When a problem is detected in a plant floor asset or application, the Andon system displays the faulted station and message as well as optionally playing a tune to draw attention to the updated display.


  • FactoryTalk
  • RSView ME


  • Automotive
  • Chemicals & Plastics
  • Semiconductor & Electronics
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