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Emulate3D Controls Testing

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Emulate3D, Ltd.

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Software - Virtual Commissioning

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Flexible and open development system for Virtual Commissioning/Operator Training for a wide variety of AMHS and machines

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Emulate3D software enables users to verify the logical operation of their control systems offline, without disturbing existing production or waiting for system construction to be completed. Take controls testing off the critical path, exhaustively test logical operations, and train users safely and cost-effectively before going onsite. Accurate AMHS models are assembled easily from supplied catalogs of commonly-encountered equipment, or can be generated automatically from system configurators, then connected to the control system I/O. Users introduce products into the system in a repeatable way which then drives the control system by interacting with photo eyes, sensors, barcode or RFID readers, just as they do in the real world. Modeled equipment such as conveyor sections, robots, cranes, and machines are controlled directly by the PLCs to provide a reliable, repeatable, and safe testing environment. Emulate3D Controls Testing reduces the risk associated with AMHS investments, cuts on-site and call-out time and costs significantly, and results in robust controls which have been fully tested. Emulate3D innovative technology gives you a real competitive advantage.


  • Windows 10
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8


  • Automotive
  • Metals
  • Tire & Rubber


  • Ethernet
  • OPC Server
  • RSLinx
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