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Founded in 1900, Armstrong is a private, fifth-generation family-owned company. Throughout The Great Depression, two world wars, multiple recessions, and so much more, we have continued to evolve, expand and thrive. Today, our global enterprise has more than 3,000 employees and representatives serving the world.

The Armstrong heritage of knowledge and expertise reaches back more than a century, giving us a keen ability to think and plan for the future. We have a uniquely clear, long-term perspective that enables us to serve our customers in ways no other company can. We are proud to put the Armstrong family name and reputation on every solution, product and service we offer, and we stand firmly and confidently behind them all.

As energy costs continue to fluctuate, increasing right along with them is the awareness of how important steam trap maintenance is to conserve energy and save money. Our family of innovative products for testing and monitoring makes best practice steam system management a reality.

All steam traps fail with time. On average, plants without a regularly scheduled maintenance program experience failure in about 15-25 percent of their traps at any given time. When failed traps are ignored, hundreds to thousands of dollars of steam can be wasted. Thanks to Armstrong, you no longer have to deal with these liabilities.

Armstrong provides intelligent system solutions that improve utility performance, lower energy consumption and reduce environmental emissions while providing an "enjoyable experience."

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