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Codian Robotics develops Pick & Place robots for industrial applications. We are a flexible and customer-oriented partner for machine builders and system integrators. By using our expertise, our customers can fully focus on building and selling their applications. The Codian Robotics robots are ideal to deploy at rapid toploading processes. Our robots are built without any operating system and work on all common machine control systems. This makes real-time information available and saves a lot of time and money. Codian Robotics offers the widest range of Delta robots in the world! We deliver standardized customization and provide the best possible solution. This distinctive approach and consistent high quality of Codian Robotics robots translate into a low Total Cost of Ownership. Codian Robotics, the leading innovator of Pick & Place robots.

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Gregory Brasic
11865 Easton Rd
Rives Junction, Michigan 49277
Phone: 517- 240-1329


Codian Robotics
Keplerlaan 24
Ede , Gelderland 6716 Bs
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